Your Partner in Test
We become part of your in-house test team – freeing your resources to focus on core competencies.
The biggest challenge facing electronics manufacturers is the demand for engineering talent. Design and test require different expertise. With technologies evolving rapidly, the lack of experienced test engineers strains teams.

This shortage is projected to continue for years. In-house teams are overburdened designing products and can't focus on core competencies.

TSS solves this problem. We are dedicated test experts who ask the right questions, know what works, and deliver solutions.

With TSS, you gain a test-focused team without distracting your engineers. Our experience makes us a partner, not just a vendor. Our structure delivers turnkey solutions like an extension of your team. We scale up or down to match project needs.

Established companies gain an experienced test team to complement in-house talent. Emerging companies create a virtual world-class test team.

World-Class Manufacturing

Our 100% commitment to world-class manufacturing demands painstaking attention to every detail.

Our world-class manufacturing approach simplifies processes to improve quality, reduce work-in-progress, lower costs, and increase productivity for faster delivery at reduced costs.

Our reputation for total reliability comes from 20 years of committed world-class manufacturing, as reflected in our ISO 9001 certification and expanded manufacturing capabilities.

Our facilities have fully trained project managers, engineers, technicians, and support staff experienced in all test areas. We deliver to the world's top electronics, telecom, datacom, and photonic manufacturers.

Our production sites feature lean manufacturing. TSS stresses continuous rapid improvement to meet fast-paced technological changes.

TSS Expertise

TSS is a company founded by engineers – years of experience have resulted in a wealth of knowledge that makes us an expert partner.

Optical and wireless technologies have transformed communication over the last decade. TSS has combined test system expertise with leading manufacturers and vendors to deliver hundreds of test systems. This makes TSS a top provider in innovative test automation.

TSS is built by engineers with expertise in test systems, software, and technical support.

Our focus is integrating cost-effective, high-performance test systems. Customers benefit by leveraging our expertise to rapidly transition designs, testing, and programming.

Beyond delivery, our knowledge protects system investments long-term through ongoing engineering support.

100% Commitment to Quality

Our 100% commitment is that every customer’s involvement with TSS will be of the highest possible quality.

Quality applies to all TSS products and operations. Our commitment is delivering the highest quality customer experience possible. We believe product quality reflects company and employee qualities.

We continuously improve with training and certification. We analyze vendors for the best instruments, software, and components. Regular audits ensure the highest standards at all facilities.

TSS is distinguished by providing top-quality systems plus documentation covering design, manufacturing, installation, and service.

100% On Time Delivery

Our entire organizational structure is committed to delivering quality test systems on time – every time.

At TSS, we know that one of the main challenges in on-time delivery of ATE systems is that the growing market demand is continuously outpacing the availability of test instrumentation needed prior to market release.

Our experts address this in several ways. We identify unique requirements and the best solution for volume and time-to-market.

Our partnerships with leading suppliers provide timely deliveries. Close collaboration gives us insight into availability and emerging technologies.

Our proven project management eliminates barriers and accommodates constant changes. This keeps teams aligned and on schedule.

Our 24/7 manufacturing facilities adhere to critical schedules.We recognize testing is vital for manufacturing. Our dedication to on-time delivery is why TSS is a trusted leader in True, Open ATE Systems.