Total Flexibility – No Barriers
Focused teams are dedicated to removing barriers to achieving expedient delivery of quality systems.
Our partnering philosophy and proven project management create a culture that instantly accommodates specification changes. TSS departments work in harmony to expedite projects and revisions to minimize lead times.

Dedicated teams focus on overcoming barriers to deliver high-quality, on-time systems. Direct access and communication with our test teams is shared across all members for alignment.

This unprecedented flexibility is built into our culture. Every team member commits to complete flexibility through our Rapid Action and No Barriers teams. Scope doesn't affect this attitude.

We recently manufactured 10 systems with continuous spec changes. Our No Barriers teams responded to each adjustment, informing all departments.

The project stayed on track.Total flexibility extends across TSS - open architectures, vendor neutrality, technology insertion, and more.

Focused Management Team

Our management teams focus on ensuring that your projects are delivered as specified, on time – every time!

From initial contact, your account is assigned a cross-functional TSS team of managers and engineers.

Our team approach combines with proven project management processes for total control. The full team stays updated enabling quick adjustments.

Each team member cares personally about every detail. We foster a "Total Pride in Performance" culture.

This creates a chain linking purchasing, production, assembly, shipping, etc. into one unified team focused on delivering your project on-spec and on-time.

Regardless of your size, you get the same expertise and commitment from TSS. Our management and engineering teams are the best in the business, motivated to help you succeed.

Proven Project Control

Our proven process guarantees total control of any size project and ensures on time delivery.

TSS has managed complex test projects for over 20 years. Our project management is based on partnership and teamwork, minimizing impact of revisions.

The "Test Team Loop" brings TSS, vendors, and customers together, allowing us to adapt and stay on schedule.This simple, proven process keeps all teams synchronized through every change. From quote to shipment, the process controls the system.

Dedicated project managers track all client departments to gather information and align on changes and timelines.

Our proven process enables total control of any size project, ensuring on-time delivery.

Total Project Management

Whether you need one ATE system – or one thousand systems – TSS guarantees total project management and manufacturing bandwidth.

Whether you need one or hundreds of ATE systems, TSS guarantees total project management and manufacturing capacity.

Customers choose TSS for turnkey expertise and ability to produce any volume. Our project management teams have the experience to ensure success from start to finish, meeting or exceeding expectations at every step.

TSS's proven systemic organization and tracking focuses on on-time, on-budget delivery. Detailed Gantt charts are developed and updated daily to track milestones. Using lean manufacturing principles, we establish and monitor build sequences through regular meetings with customers, suppliers, and vendors.

Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews evaluate progress, risk mitigation, technical adequacy, and design satisfaction.TSS is ready to automate production and build any volume, from one to thousands of systems. Our expertise and capacity ensure success.

TSS Total Software Management

When you sit down with a TSS software project team – you’ll be tapping into a vast pool of test software expertise.

The TSS total test software solution approach has been developed and refined by our engineers over two decades.

TSS utilizes a team approach. Our software, hardware, procurement, and manufacturing teams collaborate with yours until we fully understand the system specification and delivery requirements.

The TSS approach delivers all your software needs:Proprietary Software Needs:We seamlessly integrate any proprietary software you wish to utilize.

COTS Software Needs:We ensure full compliance with any existing organizational standards.Custom Software Needs:We ensure our engineers fully understand all your custom programming needs.

Our engineers then combine their findings with our Test Framework to create a unified, open, flexible, robust, and simple software package. All source code is provided with system documentation.