Test automation plays a critical role in the success of product development companies. Whether it’s a new product launch or the release of next-generation advances, you need automated test systems you can rely on.

Since 2004, Test System Solutions has been committed to providing state-of-the-art, cost-effective, modular automated test systems for every stage of the product lifecycle. Whether your requirements call for a turn-key test system, build-to-print integration service, or a build-to-spec test solution, our engineering team has the experience, training, and capacity to maximize productivity and success for your company. Whether you need one system or one thousand systems, Test System Solutions has a proven track record of delivering on time, every time.

We focus on the three pillars of automated test systems: Hardware, Software, and Data. Each pillar contributes to a complete automated test system, and using our standardization of these pillars can give your company a simple and more efficient solution. Our unique modular approach provides customers with the flexibility and agility to realize results faster and reduce duplication of effort.

I would like to personally invite you to join our group of satisfied customers. Thank you for considering Test System Solutions as your test automation partner. We look forward to serving you.

Completely Open Architecture

Our 100% commitment to open architecture ensures that we remain at the forefront of technical developments.

ATE systems contain countless components from dozens of vendors with hundreds of options. No one company can offer the best in every category.

TSS resolved never to force closed, proprietary systems limiting customers when superior solutions exist.

This 100% commitment to open architecture consistently provides superior technical solutions. Vendors eagerly showcase innovations on our systems.

We constantly analyze all vendor options to provide the ultimate solution in each system, never forcing proprietary or locking into closed architectures.

Open architecture provides flexibility - if a vendor can't deliver, we select an alternative. We match test software to existing MIS platforms.

Most importantly, our Technology Insertion Program upgrades systems as test needs evolve.

A Proven Test Philosophy

Our 100% commitment to open architecture ensures that we remain at the forefront of technical developments.

TSS was founded in 2004 by engineers seeking to revolutionize ATE systems. At a time when test systems were closed and proprietary, TSS pioneered an open, modular, and flexible philosophy. This has proven key to TSS's leadership.

TSS's long commitment to open architecture means leading test companies bring innovations to TSS first, knowing TSS can integrate them. Leading-edge customers also come to TSS for our modular and flexible systems.

TSS's technology insertion program ensures systems never become obsolete. Systems installed in 2004 still run 24/7.TSS offers the knowledge of a proprietary manufacturer, flexibility of an integrator, and control of an in-house built system - without the typical disadvantages.

In 1991, TSS defined 12 aspects of a True ATE company and remains the only company meeting all criteria for True, Open ATE systems.

At TSS, we build this proven philosophy into every system delivered.

A Proven Test Track Record

We can confidently say that our test systems have passed the toughest test of all – the test of time.

TSS has delivered True, Open ATE systems to hundreds of customers for over two decades.

Many of these customers conducted exhaustive evaluations before selecting TSS and remain loyal to this day.

We have built customized systems across all major test industries - Communications, Electronics, Transportation, Aerospace, Medical, Military, Factory Test, and Flight Line.

Our systems have tested hundreds of applications utilizing various Test Programs and Adapters. Many systems have been running 24/7/365 for over twenty years thanks to our Technology Insertion Program.

TSS brings unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of success to every test solution we deliver.

100% Complete Follow-Through

Our objective is to deliver the most sophisticated test technologies in the world – with the friendliest, most professional customer service.

Our objective is the world's most sophisticated yet friendly customer support center.

Quality doesn't end at delivery - it shifts to support. Training specialists ensure smooth production integration.

We offer important support options. Our Engineering team is always available for custom development and on-site programming assistance to free your resources.

Our support teams have skilled, multilingual specialists to address concerns via phone, online, or video conferencing. We fully guarantee hardware and software for one year.

Many tailored service contracts are available after.We demonstrate dedication to long-term relationships by never obsoleting systems. Our Technology Insertion Program supports customers and investments for the system lifetime.